Scarfix M.D.A. Liquid Gel in a vacuum pump bottle



Scarfix M.D.A.

Scarfix M.D.A.™ is a new Dermo-Repair treatment designed to progressively reduce unsightly scars resulting from surgery, wounds, burns, tattoo removals, laser treatments, dermabrasion, acids, acne cysts and more. Scarfix M.D.A.™ fights hypertrophic scars and keloids.

ScarFix M.D.A.™ is the synthesis and culmination of what we have created. It is the union of our two flagship products (ScarFix™ Gel and Occlugel™ which holds a worldwide patent) and does so for greater effectiveness and ease of use. ScarFix M.D.A.™ is defined in terms of the meaning of its name, as a Dual Action Medical Gel.
Scarfix M.D.A.™ can be used as a supplement to Gelskin™ Sheet Gel or a replacement for liquid silicone gel. Easy to use, it fits all scar shapes and locations, offers greater occlusivity and is more hygienic.

The patented use of the ingredient Pullulan in Scarfix M.D.A.™ provides significantly greater occlusivity (oxygen impermeability). A non-invasive, easy-to-use treatment.
Scarfix M.D.A.™ uses a vacuum pump to dispense its gel, ensuring an aseptic product with every use.
Scarfix M.D.A.™ has exceptional adhesive properties, plus it is very comfortable and can easily cover all forms of scars and this, regardless of its location on the body (elbow, knee, face, eyelid, etc.).
Scarfix M.D.A.™ can be used by anyone with a scar, even children.
Using Scarfix M.D.A.™ Gel offers the most aesthetically pleasing and discreet process available on the market. Once applied to the skin and dry, Scarfix M.D.A.™ Gel allows the use of sunscreen and/or makeup without any problems. Once applied to the skin and dry, Scarfix M.D.A.™ gel allows the use of GELSKIN™ gel sheet for a much better effect.
Directions for use
Scarfix M.D.A.™ Gel - Every morning and evening, wash the scar well with soap and water, then dry. Apply a thin layer of gel to completely cover the scar, plus one (1) cm all around. Gently massage the gel into the skin. If needed, once the gel is dry, Gelskin™ sheet gel, sunscreen and/or makeup can be applied. Redness will disappear with the use of M.D.A.™ Scarfix Gel. The next time you wash, the gel will dissolve easily because it is water soluble. When Gelskin™ is also used, it is washable and will need to be removed and washed off, then put back on when the Scarfix M.D.A. is dry, approximately 15 minutes after application.

*Never apply Scarfix M.D.A.™ or Gelskin™ sheet gel to an open or oozing wound.
*Start your treatment as soon as possible, as soon as the wound heals, because the better the results will be at the end.

*Daily use of the Scarfix M.D.A.™ system and/or Gelskin™ is a mandatory requirement for optimal results.

Duration of treatment
The Scarfix M.D.A.™ System provides an improvement in the appearance of scars that can be seen after a period of 2-8 weeks! All scars can be treated regardless of the age of the scar; however, the older a scar is (20-30 years), the longer the treatment will take. The length of the treatment varies from person to person. The age of the scar, the age of the person, the type of skin and other factors can influence the length of the treatment. It is recommended to do the treatment every day.

Never apply Scarfix M.D.A.™ Gel or Gelskin™ Sheet Gel to an open or oozing wound. Some people may develop skin irritation from using Scarfix M.D.A.™ Gel or Gelskin gel sheet. If this is the case, discontinue use immediately and for 2-3 days. Repeat treatment and, if irritation persists, seek medical attention. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.
Scarfix M.D.A.™ an innovative patented technology Patent GB1120724.8
Made in Canada/ fabriqué au Canada

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Type: Gel de cicatrisation