Dermagate Barrier mask model 5A / 99,9% Pure Silver fabric. REUSABLE


The community barrier mask, model 5A, lightweight, comfortable, offers protection supported by 5 distinct layers, reducing the risk of transmission of germs by limiting:
The dispersion in the air of respiratory secretions produed when talking or breathing; 
The projection of particles through the mouth or nose when coughing or sneezing.

While being washable and reusable.
Design, fabrication and selection of materials

Its unique design, through the choice of materials used, gives it these properties, making it unique and different from other options available on the market. The materials used have been selected for their performance and efficiency characteristics, confirmed by validation tests.

The barrier mask, 5A, is composed of several layers, including
An inner and outer envelope,
Made of 99.9% pure silver fabric, covering 100% of the fabric surface. The silver ions, having demonstrated for millennia, an anti- microbial efficiency, giving it a safety during handling.
The silver tissue is manufactured in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard (Lloyd's Register Certificate 10247100).
The raw material used, was investigated by Hoenstein Laboratories GmbH & Co.KG /Schlosssteige 1/74357 Bonnigheim /Germany and certified for
- Antimicrobial activity (Z-787074 report
- Biological safety" (Z-161795 report
A lightweight filtering membrane with proven filtration efficiency
- Bacterial Filtration Efficacy (BFE ) * 99% *
- Particle Filtration Efficacy at 0.1 μg ** 87,7 %
Interspersed with a spray-resistant layer
The mask is also equipped with a band allowing an optimal adjustment at the nose level.
The entire mask is covered with a protective layer that provides the required performance to the inner membranes of the mask. The assembly of these layers that make up the mask gives it easy and sufficient breathability, while being washable, reusable and resistant.

The community-type barrier mask is not intended to protect the person wearing it. It serves to prevent the wearer from infecting those around him or her.
Reminder: Beware of a false sense of protection
This type of mask is not :
A procedure mask;
Respiratory protective device (RPE) or other personal protective equipment (PPE).
The benefits of the mask are highly dependent on the following precautions, which are essential so that it does not become a vector of contamination.

Use, maintenance, storage, transport
Use a resealable plastic bag labeled "clean mask" to carry the mask.
Use a bag labeled "Dirty Masks" to carry dirty (possibly contaminated) masks. Clean bag or discard after use.

Never reuse a soiled and potentially contaminated community-type barrier mask (face cover) without first washing it. Fitting the face cover
Wash your hands;
Position the clean mask on the face by holding it by the attachment straps.

Attaching the mask :
Pass the straps behind the ears, and attach them securely.
Do not allow the outer surface of the mask to touch the face and hands; At the time of removal, place the mask in a bag labeled "Dirty Mask"; Upon arrival home, wash the mask.

Washing instructions
Hand wash with mild detergent and warm water without bleach. Do not twist
Allow to dry for a minimum of 2 hours before reusing,
Place the mask in a clean, properly labeled plastic bag for transport. Reusable up to 25 washes
Discontinue use if visible wear (hole) or fabric separation
* : ASTM F2101-19 and EN 14683:2019, Annex B
** : ASTM F2299

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Diane L.


Nice fit, straps a little tight. I will let you know how effective it was after our flight home, hopefully CoVid free.

sonia L.
Canada Canada

Mask too narrow

I ordered 2 mask and they weren’t the same widht. A few months before , I had ordered 2 other light masks and I really appreciated it . I would say that I am disappointed and sorry for this last order . I regret not having ordered the same masks as the first time.